QUESTION: How does your company stack up in U.C. costs compared to your industry average, your competitor's best and worst scenario, your past and present status, and your future opportunities for cost containment, processing short cuts, and paperwork reduction?

ANSWER: You can find out for free! Please read on.

Since 1935 (the year it all began in U.C.) over $702 billion of employer tax dollars has been paid out by state government unemployment compensation agencies…over $180 billion, or 25%, in just the last five years! That's a 25% pay-out in only 8% of the longevity of the program. These are “crisis prices” for employers!

Are you paying your correct and legal share…or have you fallen victim, like so many other employers, to erroneous overcharges, mathematical errors, overlooked credits, failed or non-executed protests, miscalculations of tax rate, illegally assigned claims, etc. which have eroded a more favorable competitive cost position, and put your company at what could be an avoidable disadvantage?

Since the General Accounting Office has confirmed what UCAC, INC. has known for almost half a century of service to employers, you could expect as much as a 25% reduction of benefit charges going into your tax rate calculation by tightening up on U.C. cost control. Let us define the parameters without cost or obligation to your company.

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Updated 12/06/16